About our company


Ben Fogg found himself needing a solution to help manage the business processes of his growing company, Fogg Filler. He knew that his team needed an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that would automate many back-office functions to increase efficiency and would allow for the application of human expertise when necessary.


There were plenty of ERP systems out there, but they were either designed for mass production, focused on the accounting aspect rather than the engineering and design aspect, or used third party systems to communicate with the CAD system. Ben saw an opportunity to build a software company and a suite for the manufacturing sector.
In 2012, Smooth Logics was launched with a mission to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use solution, and to encourage a more productive work environment. The COUNTERPART® software suite was created with all employees in mind. The software suite works with SOLIDWORKS® as an add-in and integrated with PDM (Product Data Management). The result is a stable system with greater visibility that reduces costs, increases productivity, and increases profits.