Services  we offer

COUNTERPART®, a trusted source for industry leading ERP software, is now offering engineering services. With ever increasing costs and complexities along with ever more capable software; it takes advanced knowledge and continuous evolution to keep your business driving forward.


COUNTERPART®’s engineering design and SOLIDWORKS experts are available for a variety of online and onsite training. From basic proficiency in sketching, modeling, and assemblies; the core tasks in CAD to targeted deep dives on specialty topics like designing for specific manufacturing methods. From single team members to entire departments, leverage COUNTERPART®'s team of experts to get your users the training they need. Below is just a sampling of our training services, reach out to us with your specific needs today!

Basic topics

  • Sketches, modeling, assemblies, drawings, and more!
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM user training

Advanced topics

  • Best practices, performance modeling, assembly structures, machine design principals, surfacing design
  • Design for manufacturing: 3D Printing, weldments, sheetmetal

CAD Administration

  • SOLIDWORKS configuration & deployment, PDM configuration and management, CAD admin mentoring and training

IT Hardware

  • Hardware specification and configuration, graphics cards and drivers, performance settings, etc..


As teams grow and SOLIDWORKS gets more capable and powerful, the management and setup of this complex software becomes paramount to department and company success. COUNTERPART has a proven track record to manage your CAD administration as a standalone service or on an ongoing basis. Get the specialty help you need to keep your engineering systems in tip-top shape, below are just a sampling of our CAD management services. Reach out to us today with your specific needs!

Standalone Services

  • Drawing title blocks and document template creation
  • Property management and data entry controls
  • Creation and management of materials, weldment profiles, standard components, and other libraries
  • SOLIDWORKS upgrades, configuration, management, and deployment
  • PDM configuration, management, migrations, upgrades, and deployments
  • Settings and standards creation, deployment, and management

Ongoing Contractual Services - COUNTERPART offers experts on call to manage your SOLIDWORKS administration needs on an ongoing and on call basis. This is a great way for companies too busy or without the dedicated resources needed for these specialty tasks to keep their engineering systems current and up to date. This includes PDM administration, permissions, user management, settings configuration, upgrades, performance tuning and more.


There’s no more dangerous phrase than, “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Without fresh ideas, innovation, and a drive to grow and evolve teams become stagnant and unproductive. At COUNTERPART we are experts at driving value through evaluating and providing feedback, identifying areas where efficiency and productivity can be increased and eliminating bottlenecks in critical processes. Our experts have decades of combined engineering and manufacturing experience from diverse backgrounds to help you achieve your department and company goals.

SOLIDWORKS Model Evaluation & Feedback

  • The COUNTERPART team has a proven history of reducing manufacturing costs by evaluating models for where inefficiencies are occurring. Our feedback offers insight on where things can be simplified, or alternative ideas could be considered.

Department & Process Evaluation & Feedback

  • The COUNTERPART team can leverage years of experience in helping companies find and solve inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Take your teams to the next level by solving pain points and streamlining processes.

Project, Engineering Management, & Change Management

  • The team of experts at COUNTERPART are available for short to medium term project management, and as interim engineering management team members capable of driving teams and projects forward to success. We also are well experienced at managing significant department changes and can be leveraged to manage departmental projects that regular team members simply don’t have the time or experience to complete.